Activity Reprt 2009

Activity Reprt 2009

Because Kiwi House of Joy Foundation has a few major social activities that have a license for, I’ll describe the activity of the Foundation based on this.

A.Kiwi House of Joy.

1. Alina’s transfer at a Center for children with special needs.
Beginning with 2008 we were conscious that the gap between Alina (who suffer of autism) and the other children from the house becomes bigger and bigger.
For this reason we begun a process to find a new place for her, where to receive special attention and care for her needs.
Together with those from Child Protection and our psychologist after we checked out a few places we decided that the best place for Alina would be Jasmine Center.
We prepared all the papers required for this and at the beginning of February we took Alina at her new home.
Of course, that moment wasn’t easy for us, because Alina was together with us at Kiwi for the last 4 years.
We continue to visit her and at the last visit we were amazed to see how much she grown up and we were nicely surprised that she still recognise us.

2. Foster family for Viorel.
At the end of 2008, beginning of 2009 Viorel had a difficult period and he begun to misbehave.
This was the reason to begin the process to look for a foster family for him.
We interviewed a few families and selected a couple (Imola & Sonny) we thought that will be the best for him.
In the same time we prepared all the papers necessary for Viorel and the foster parents Imola & Sonny.
The foster parents came a few times to visit Viorel at Kiwi and they were very excited.
Viorel as well liked them very much and we were so happy to find such a good solution for him.
At the end of March, Viorel left Kiwi House and moved together with Imola & Sonny in a very nice home filled with love and care.
We visited him a few times together with some of his old friends from Kiwi and we were so trilled to see how happy he is now.
We really like Imola & Sonny, they are a great couple and such good foster parents for Viorel

3. New kids at Kiwi – Horvath brothers.
At the beginning of January, the Child Protection asked our help if we can consider taking 3 brothers at Kiwi House which are abandoned in a Hospital in Sighisoara.
We visited them at the Hospital and we found 3 beautiful kids that touched our hearts.
They were Anamaria – 4 years old, Adrian – 3 and Denisa – 7 months.
We left the Hospital with the thought that we need to take these children to Kiwi ASAP.
So, the next step it was that we went to counsel their parents and relatives in a gipsy village near Sighisoara to be able to take them in our care at Kiwi House.
The 2nd of February “it was a very good day” as Frank Sinatra sings in one of his songs.
That was the day when we took Anamaria, Adrian and Denisa out from the Hospital and brought them in our lovely house at Kiwi.

4. Great vacation at the Black Sea.

One of the greatest things that we were able to organize for our kids at Kiwi this year, it was to have for the first time a summer vacation at the Black Sea in July.
It was a great experience for our children…even travelling by train it was a trill for them.
The time we spent there with them it was a whole adventure.
Of course, isn’t easy to look after 8 small children on a crowded beach.
But we had lots of fun…playing with the sand, swimming and splashing each other in the swimming pool.
We had this “adventure” just for one week…who knows maybe next time we’ll stay longer.

5. Mountain camp at Lunca B.
In the last years each summer we had a mountain camp for our kids at Lunca Bradului.
This summer in August, we went again at a cottage in the same place.
The kids already know this place so it was a little familiar for them, but same time nice.
The new thing was that our daughter Denisa invited other 5 of her school colleagues.
They had lots of fun specially in the evenings when they had different shows together with the kids.
The nice fresh air from the mountain and lots of activities helped the kids to sleep well in the afternoons to have even more energy for playing around.

6. Denisa’s adoption.

As I said before, among the 3 brothers we took at Kiwi at the beginning of Feb. it was a little princess just 7 months old called Denisa.
What I can say it’s that from the first day she brought so much joy to all of us.
For this reason we begin ASAP the process to prepare her file and to find a family for adoption. In July we already had a couple from Sighisoara who begin to visit Denisa.
Meantime we prepared the file for the adoptive family, so the things went quite quickly at this time. At the end of August the Court decided that Denisa will be adopted by Tunde and Mihai the couple from Sighisoara.
On the 31st of Aug. we had a “good-bye” Party for Denisa where we invited friends, some local autorities and a few from Child Protection.
Tunde and Mihai were very happy to take her in their family, while we were a little sad for the moment but very happy for her future.
We visited Denisa a few times in her new home, she’s walking now, grown up a little bit and she’s very happy and full with joy with mum and dad.

B. The adoption program.

1. Stoica Marius’s case at the Court.
Marius Stoica is a 3 years old child who’s in one of our foster families that we work with.
He’s in this foster family since Sept.2007.
In order for him to be adopted in the future, we begin to put together his file and prepare all the papers that are required for this. We begun this process in January this year.
The problem in his case it was that the natural parents DIDN’T agreed for adoption for him. So, in this case they were invited to the Court.
It was a quite interesting case…there were witnesses and some representatives from the local autorities who knew the situation of Marius natural parents.
They testified against them because they abandoned him a few years ago, they were not able to provide him any normal leaving conditions and were not interested at all in their own child.
So, finally the judge took a very strong stand and decided to declare Marius as an adoptive child…We WON !!! So, case closed !

2. Marius’s adoption.
During this summer Suciava family from Solovastru who had Marius in foster in their family since Sept. 2007, decided that they want to adopt Marius.
Since his file was very clear after we won his case in the Court, the adoption process went very well and quickly same time.
We were happy for this, because Marius spent his last two years in this loving family since he was 6 months old.
He was loved and well cared in this family and all the extended family liked him a lot.
So, on the 27th of Aug. the Court decided that Marius is adopted by Suciava fam. from Solovastru.
Actually in that week something great and unusual thing hapened same time…we had 3 adoption cases at the Court right after one another in 3 days.
On 27th of Aug. for Marius S. on 28th for Antonio H. and on Monday the 31st for Denisa H.

3. Antonio’s adoption.
Antonio is the second foster child who stayed at Suciava family in Solovastru.
After we finished his file for adoption we found a family from Bucharest who were very interested in him.
She’s a doctor and he is in the library and books business.
So, they begin to visit him and build a relationship with him for his future adoption.
Each visit was very interesting for Antonio as they spent time together, going to the Zoo Garden and different entertaiment places for kids.
After the Court decided his adoption the great moment came for Antonio and his adoptive parents Barbara and Sorin from Bucharest.
They came and we went together to the foster family in Solovastru to take Antonio in a long journey for a new life.
We kept in touch with Barbara and Sorin and even the first days were not easy for them and Antonio…finally he accommodated very well and now is very happy.
We’re very sure that he will have a very good life.

4. Adoption files for the kids from Kiwi.
One of the things that we are working a lot for is that we need to prepare the adoption files for our kids we have here at Kiwi House.
In this year because for a few kids their adoption term expired we begun again all this process of preparing their file for a future adoption.
In this process we need to go to find and counsel their natural parents, their relatives and put together all the papers that the Child Protection and the Court requires for a future adoption.
These are the kids for which we prepared the adoption files:

  • Horvath brothers – Denisa, Adrian, Anamaria. – we went for their relatives at Vanatori.
  • Cosmina Miki. – we went to Mihesul de Campie.
  • Liviu Csurkui. – we went to Glodeni.

5. Families for adoption.
One of the license we have for Kiwi Foundation, is to prepare and attest families who want to adopt abandoned children.
In this sense we prepared, counseled and attest the foster family from Solovastru, Suciava Maria and Dumitru in order to adopt Marius the child they had in their home for the last two years. As I said the adoption process went well and now they are happy to have Marius part of their family.
An other family that we prepared and attest for adoption it was Elena and Paul Suciu.
They came at first at Kiwi for an interview for foster parents, but during this process they changed their minds and decided to adopt a child.
So, now they already adopted a child and they are very happy.

6. Adoption files from Child Protection.
We have an agreement with the Child Protection to prepare adoption files for the children that are in their care at different foster families.
In this sense we did the same amount of work in order to prepare the adoption files.
We went to find and counsel their natural parents, their relatives in different places in our county, and we put together all the papers that the Child Protection and the Court requires for a future adoption.
These are the kids for which we prepared the adoption files:

  • Bodi Viorel from Sighisoara.
  • Turcata Ioana Lacrimioara from Salcud – Iernut.
  • Turcata Florin Filaret, Alina Loredana and Roxana Elena (3 brothers) from Rastolita.
  • Gherebenes Geta from Lueriu – Reghin.
  • Lacatus Maria from Lueriu – Reghin.
  • Lingurar Radu Daniel from Urisiul de Sus.
  • Gabor Istvan from Chibed – Sovata.
  • Burcea Boros from Targu Mures.

C. Stop abandonment.
This is an other project and license we have at Kiwi Foundation to prevent abandonment.
So, toward this we helped a few families with some food and clothing in order to help them to not abandon their child.