Newsletter 2011

Newsletter 2011

Dear Friends,

The year of 2011 it was a great one for us all here at Kiwi House of Joy.
We’ll like to give you an update about the activity we had during last year here at Kiwi House Foundation,activities which brought us a lot of joy and led to many happy solutions for the children.
I’d like to begin with the statistics just to have a general idea about all the activity.

1.Statistics for 2011.

– 9 children were helped by Kiwi House of Joy Foundation.
(7 came at Kiwi House and 2 in our foster families)
– 6 children were adopted, for the first time two brothers were adopted together in the same family.
– 3 children were placed in foster families.
– Kiwi House of Joy Foundation,organized “The Day of the adopted Child” together with the Child Protection,were all the families from our county who adopted a child in the last two years came with their children and families to celebrate together.
– Kiwi House of Joy Foundation provides materials on a regular basis to the Child Protection for the trainings they organize and for the parents who want to adopt a child.
– It was the year with the biggest number of children helped by Kiwi House of Joy and the biggest number of adoptions made in one year.
– we have two new families for simple placement where two children are cared for.

Now,here are the real stories that brought us so much joy…

2.A great start,three new kids at Kiwi.

Right at the beginnig of 2011 in January,the Child Protection asked our help to intervine in the situation of three children who were neglected by their families.
Two brothers Domi and Levi,5 and 3 years old were left home for several days just with their old grandpa in a poor house without food and heating in the middle of a cold winter.
An other girl Alexandra 5 years old,was badly fisically abused by her mother and her mothers concubine and the police came and took her from that abusive enviroment.
We went to visit these children and seeing them we said “YES” we want to help these kids.
The Child Protection prepared their papers and in the same month we took them to Kiwi.
They acomodate very easy and were happy to be in a safe enviroment.
The other kids from the house embraced them and became their friends.
What we did not knew at that time was that until the end of the year both Domi and Levi and Alexandra will be adopted in two great families.

3.The adoption of Sebi.

The first child adopted in 2011 was Sebi.
We took him at Kiwi House in Dec. 2009 together with our partners from NZ,Sue & Carl which happend to be here in Ro at that time.
After we opened his adoption file,a lady from our city showed interest to adopt him.
She came to visit him at Kiwi together with her husband from Germany and Sebi liked them very much,right from the first visit.
Cleo and Torsten kept visiting him until they decided to adopt Sebi.
In April was the big event when they came to take Sebi to be part in their family.
We were very happy for him and we knew that in this family he will feel safe,loved and have a total new perspective.
Now,he lives in Germany and each time when we speak with him at the phone we realize that he is so happy.Actually he’s one of the children with a “happy end” mentioned by Sue in her book “Rescue”.

4.The adoption of Adi.

We had Adi with us at Kiwi House since Feb.2009 when we brought him from a hospital in Sighisoara together with his two sisters Ana and Denisa.
For quite a long time we tried to find a family for adoption for him.
He was presented to several families but for certain resons that “click” somehow was missing,until one day in April when a family came to see him.
They were from a town near our city.We went together to McDonalds and I can’t forget how easily Adi acommodate with them,right from the first visit.
Specialy he was drown by his future father…,and “yes” it turned out that they were going to be his new family.
They kept comming to visit Adi and each time they brought so much joy to him.
During this time we prepared all the papers necesary for adoption and in July was the BIG day.They were so happy…and words can’t describe the whole atmosphere and the feelings that were there.
Thinking that Ana,the older sister of Adi and Denisa,who was adopted two years ago might suffer remaining without her brother and sister…we can add here that we were so happy to find a good foster family for Ana.
We were looking for this ahead of time and in August we found a family with two children who were happy to take Ana in foster care in their family.
We visited Ana a few times since than and we can say that she is so happy to be in this family,having also an older sister and brother.
She begun the elementary school last fall and she acommodate well and has good results.

5.Summer camp for kids in Bran with Carl from NZ.

Towards the end of July we organised a summer camp for the kids in our beautiful mountains and we were happy to have with us Carl from NZ.
We had the joy to have with us also Ando a 7 years old boy who was at Kiwi House for 4 years and since 2010 he is reintegrated in his natural family.
The kids were looking forward toward this as they were at the Black Sea in the previous years.We rented two cottages in a very beautiful area and the hosts were so welcoming with us,looking very well after all of us.
We even had a small swimming pool where the kids played and had fun during the hot midday.One day we went on climbing the area arround and we had the pleasure to see such wonderful natural scenaries.
An other day we went all together to watch a 5D movie with all sorts of effects,so for the kids it was quite interesting.
After 5 days,all the kids were so happy and we can all say that it was a great camp.

6.Ioana,Denisa and Kevin,three brothers at Kiwi.

During the summer time the Child Protection asked us to help three children who were brothers and who were in a difficult situation being neglected by their alcoholic mother.
We went to visit these children together with Carl from NZ who happened to be here for the kids summer camp.When we got there we found Ioana -9,Denisa -4 and Kevin -2 years old, three amazing kids who needed such a desperate help.
We made up our minds quite quickly even at that time we had in the house 8 children.
Afterwards we begun to prepare their files in order to take them at Kiwi House.
So,at the beginning of September we took them to Kiwi House and since then they are part of our big family here at Kiwi.
They acommodate very well,Ioana is going to school,Denisa at the kindergarden and Kevin is playing with the toys specialy with the cars almost all day long.

7.The adoption of Alexandra and Reka.

At the begining of this year in January we took Alexandra at Kiwi from an abusive family.
Spending time and playing with her we can say that she was like an angel,happy and smiling all the time.
The happy turn-out begun when a family we knew called us and said at the phone: “we want to adopt Alexandra”.
I was quite shoked ‘cause we don’t use to receive such phone calls.
It happend that my wife took Alexandra to an exposition and this family happend to be there with their daughter.
Having such a ferm desire from them,we begun to prepare Alexandra’s adoption file.
It wasn’t easy at all ‘cause even her mother was so abusive she won’t let her go so easily.
Finally,she agreed for her child to be adopted and in this way we were able to continue the adoption process for Alexandra.
Of course during all this time Meli,Cristi and their daughter Bianca came and visited Alexandra almost each weekend.
After six months from that phone call in a beautifull sunny day in September,Meli,Cristi and their daughter Bianca came to take Alexandra in their family.

It was such a wonderfull day,specially having with us pastor Graeme Pope from Invercargill,NZ at this great and meaningfull event.
And yes,with our hearts full with emotions we let this beautifull angel to leave Kiwi House to experience the love and care of such a wonderfull family.

The other girl wich was adopted in September was Reka a one year old little girl who’s mother was 17 living in a tent on a hill.
I remember we took her from the hospital in a cold and snowy December when she was so little,being just three months old,and we placed her in the care of our foster family in Solovastru.
In July 2011 the Child Protection recomanded Reka for adoption to a family from our city.
We went with them to our foster family in Solovastru and we can say that it was “love at first sight”.They liked Reka so much.
We prepared Reka’s file for adoption and in the 26th of Sept.the great day has come.
Reka was taken in a loving family by her new mom and dad,Maria and Adi and since than they are so happy all together.

8.Three new kids saved in December.

As usual each year,December it’s becoming very busy.
This year wasn’t at all different from before.
At the begining of Dec.the Child Protection asked us to help two children who were in foster families but they were not able to accommodate with the families.
One of them was Robert,a boy having 2 years and 4 months.
We went to visit him and decided to take him at Kiwi House.
He is a boy with so much energy and joy and the other kids received him very well, specially Kevin and Ella who are at his age.
We really enjoy having him here in our big family at Kiwi.
The other one was Cosmin,1 year and 4 months boy,who stayed most of the time in the hospital having clear signs of retard.
We took him to our foster family in Solovastru and we are sure that he will be very well cared for,just as the other kids we had.
The third child we took in Dec.was Lucian,1 year old boy,from the hospital in Ludus.
He was abandoned there since he was born,when we were there a month before my wife just wasn’t able to let him go from her arms.
Since then we did everything possible to take him from the hospital.
And yes we did it a few days after he turned one year old on the 22nd of Dec. as a birthday present for him and as a Christmas gift for us.
He is now in one of our foster families and he already gained one kilo in weight.

9.The adoption of Domi and Levi,a real miracle.

As I said before Domi and his brother Levi were effectivly rescued from a very difficult situation being left starving without heating in a very poor mudhouse in a cold December.
Since we took them at Kiwi House they developed very well and at the kindergarden they were between the most active kids in their daily activities.
At one of our major events at Kiwi House during the summer time,Erika and Gyozo came together with one of our volunteers being interested on how they can become an adoptive family.Playing with the kids and having fun with them they begin to ask us about the two brothers Domi and Levi.We told them their story and since then they kept coming to Kiwi House to visit them and spend time with them.

The day came when they told us “we want to adopt Domi and Levi”…for us this was a great miracle because isn’t usual to adopt two brothers,at least in Romania.
Full with joy we prepared their files for adoption and we were happy to finalize everything until December.
During all this time Erika and Gyozo kept comming to Kiwi House to spend time with them and it was so abvious that there is already such a strong bond between them.
On the 19th of Dec. we had the Goodbye Party for them.
It was a great day… lots of our friends came even all the three managers from Child Protection.
We are so greatfull to see that two brothers who were in such a difficult situation have now a wonderfull family.

10.Prevent the abandonment.

One of the things that we focus on at Kiwi Foundation is also to prevent abandonment.
Towards this we help families where the kids face the risk of being abandoned.
We helped a family with 3 children from Lascud who are leaving in some poor conditions without mother and their father is looking after them.
Also we helped a lady and her child Denis who is very ill,suffering of a rear illness.
There were other two families with two and three children we helped with food and clothing
We were glad to bring some joy for Christmas to all these families and children.

We want to thank Sue & Carl and Orphans Aid International for their constant support and also to pastor David Elder and Graeme Pope. Without you,this wouldn’t be possible.

PS. The names I used in the report are the real names of the children and same the real names of the families who adopted children.
As they are protected for privacy by the romanian law, please don’t use the names as their real name.THX a lot.

We are greatful to God that He called us for such a high calling.