Kiwi House of Joy

  • Even though it looks like a regular house from the outside, “Kiwi House” is a place where children with difficult backgrounds (abadonment, abuse, neglected) found a real home.
  • We opened the House in 2004 as an alternative for the little children abandoned in hospitals.

National Adoption

  • Kiwi House of Joy promote adoption in the community.
  • Through our activity and hard work we are dedicated to make sure that each abandoned child will find care and love in an adoptive family.

Simple Placement

  • It offers a protection measure for the babies abandoned in hospitals.
  • It reduces the negative effects of abandonment.
  • It offers a family environment to children, so they can have a normal growth and development.

Foster Care

  • Through this social program we established a network of foster parents where children with ages between 0 and 2 can grow in a family environment.
  • Due to the growing number of children in difficult situations, we are working on extending the foster parents network so we can intervene in the life of children as soon as possible.

STOP Abandonement!

  • The purpose of this social service is to help and support children in difficult situations, specially their families.
  • At the solicitation of DGASPC Mures, we intervene to stop abandonment as well as school dropout.
  • Approximately 10 to 12 families are helped annually through our “STOP Abandonment !” program.