As we are getting close towards to the end of this year of 2013, we can say that it was a GREAT YEAR !

Sitting down one day together with my wife we tryed to count and see what we accoplished this year.

Looking back our reaction was like…”wow, did we do all these things !!??”

I’m saying this ‘cause this year was a little bit different then the years before.

Just as a short briefing…2-3 years ago we applied for an EU grant and after a long time of working towards this and the project being checked again and again,this year we were glad to sign the contract to remodel the whole Kiwi House and make a new room.

So, this year we begun the construction site at Kiwi the whole building being remodeled.

As you can imagine, we moved temporary to a new place with all the kids and everything…

Knowing that Kiwi House is our headquarter, we are glad for this opportunity because the building needed a major repair as it was heavyly used for the last 10 years.

At this time the buiding is finished 80% and begin to look very good.

But even we had all these challanges I’m glad to inform you that this year…

  • 4 children were adopted
  • 7 children were placed in foster families
  • 3 new children came to Kiwi House.

First of all, we are very pleased with the simple placement program.

If last year we were able to place 9 children in foster families, this year we continue to develop this program and now we have a total of 19 children in 12 foster care families.

Above this we were able to help also a few poor families and we were involved in one particular gipsy community giving away food and clothing.
Even I don’t like to talk numbers when it comes to kids, I need to do it to give you a general perspective about our work here at Kiwi House of Joy.

The fact is that each situation of these kids it’s so diffrent from one, another.

From two gorgeous little twins placed in a foster family, being rescued from abandonement from the hospital… to a six months old little fella who was abandoned in the hospital ‘cause his mother had a brain hemorrhage during his birth. And from one happy adoption of a sweet girl who’ve been with us at Kiwi House for two years… to an other little girl who came at Kiwi House with scars on her legs beeing burned by her “parents” …all these situations required people who needed to be there for them at the right moment.

Our joy is to help all these kids who are suffering neglect and abandonment, being commited to give them a safe place and a loving family.

If last year we went through the challanges of having a new law for adoptions, we are so glad that working hard we were able this year to finalize the adoption process for 4 kids.

From now on these 4 children will have a mom and dad who’ll be there for them.

As we are looking forward towards the new remodeled building of Kiwi House, we’ll be glad to have constantly at least a number of 10 children in the NEW facility.

Same time we’ll be glad to welcome you in the new facility next year, for the “10 YEARS Celebration” of Kiwi House of JoyAs you know, all these accomplishments are NOT a solo project !!!

There are a few people who run on the front lines and many times on the cutting edge, but there are also others maybe hundreds, behind the scenes who support with hard work all this rescue mission.

For all these remarcable people we want to say a BIG THANK YOU !

We want to thank Sue & Carl from Orphans Aid International for making this possible and to all volunteers & workers who are staying behind all this great work.

Also we want to thank pastor Graeme & Bernie Pope from Cornerstone New Life Church who support 3 of the kids in foster care.

Same time pastor Philip D. and Danijel K thank you for your great spiritual investment in our personal lives.

Without you all these RESCUE missions wouldn’t be possible !
Thanks for working together for this amazing mandate !


Lumi, Stefi & team from Kiwi House