“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” The Serenity prayer.
This quote is one of my favorite ones…and yes, I can say that in the field and the circumstances we are working in we can apply this one, daily.

Simple Placement Program.

Family is the God given place where each child should grow and develop.
For this reason one of our main priority at Kiwi foundation is to intervine at an early stage in the life of an abandoned child trying to limit the effects of neglect and trauma in his life.
We are glad that this year we were able to save 12 children from different neglect situations, placing them in foster care in good family settings.
In one particular case the Child Protection asked us to take two children, siblings who were in a difficult situation, and we ended up taking 4.
Two of them came to Kiwi house and the other two in a placement family, in this way they can visit each other and stay in touch.
The sad thing about the two who came at Kiwi house was that even they are 7 and 6 years old, they were looking as they are 4 and 3 years old.
We hope for them to recuperate fast, grow and develop as they are now in a good and loving setting.
The last two kids we took in placement was last week.
In this situation the mother abandoned her twins (boy and girl) in the hospital when they were 3 months old, because of poverty.
She was living in very poor conditions in a room with other 8 members of family.
After six months of trying to resolv the situation the Child Protection asked us to intervine in this particular case.
We already had a placement family available for two kids, so we took them there.
We are glad now that they will be in a very good family, being very well looked after.


It is absolutly great that even we still face a difficult process in order for a child to become adoptable, we were able to give for 10 children a permanent family.
Children who were left starving, locked up in an empty room, found a momy and daddy.
I still remember the picture of that skiny boy looking through a dirty window…now he’s in a beautiful family.
Also we are glad for siblings who were adopted together, heaving the joy of growing and being together in the same family.
Of course each case and history of these 10 children are different but the beautiful thing now will be that they will grow up heaving roots.

Looking at the challanging situations, we are glad that this year we were able to give either a foster or permanent family to 22 children at risk.
Through the social services we are having at Kiwi House, presently we are looking after 23 children, working hard with the purpose of giving an adoptive family for each of them.

Romania Without orphans Alliance.

Being the president on RWOA we enhanced our efforts to continue the lobby for a new law for adoption. For this purpose we met in January with Gabriela Petrescu, General Secretary of ANPDCA, who assured us that the proposals me made will be considered and will be attached in the new law.
Also, together with a team from RWOA we met at the Romanian Parliment with two deputies and a senator for the purpose of sustainig the new law.
We hope for a good outcome, in order to establish a simple procedure for adoption, underlining the rights of these children.
Last month we had our RWOA Summit, where we had a little bit over 200 delegates.
We had a great Summit where we brought together professionals, priests, pastors, NGO’s, Child protection officials, politicians to give a voice to those who are not having a voice.
The workshops were helpfull and the main meetings were very motivational.
We are looking forward to grow as an organization making the whole effort to mobilize the society for the cause of the fatherless.

We want to give our special thanks to our partners from NZ, Sue & Carl and all the staff from OAI, for their hard work, dedication and love for the abandoned children all around the world and especially for those in Romania.
We thank also to the volunteers for their hard work, beeing there for us behind the scene.

Many thanks to pastor Graeme and Bernie Pope from Cornerstone New Life Church, Invercargill for their monthly financial contribution for some of the children we have in the simple placement program.

We want to thank Oana & Jeroen and Bastienne & Percy from WannaHelp Holland, for beeing involved in the life of the kids from Kiwi House, providing finances to develop the talents and the skills they have, and also for providing the things they need in school.
And we can’t forget the supermega wedding we had at Kiwi House, celebrating the marriage of Oana and Jeroen, the whole event being so meaningfull for our girly teenagers.

We bring as well our high appreciation to our spiritual parents Philip and Else Dupont from Denmark for providing the spiritual strenght we need and a constant revelation towards the Kigdom mandate we have received.

Without you all these things wouldn’t be possible and all these stories wouldn’t be written.

With all our love,
Lumi & Stefi M.
Managers / founders of Kiwi House of Joy.